About Dr. Kapileshwar Vijay

Gastro Surgeon in Jaipur

Gastro Surgeon in Jaipur

  • Dr. Kapileshwar Vijay┬áis one of the pioneer Gastro surgeon in the state of Rajasthan who has been trained at premier institutes like BJ Medical college (Civil Hospital) Ahmadabad, Army Hospital Research and Referral, New Delhi and GB pant hospital New Delhi.

  • He has exposure of more than 10 years in dealing of complex GI Surgical procedures as well as he had been trained in Liver Transplantation.

  • He has over 15 national and international publications.

  • He had worked as consultant GI Surgeon in the best hospitals of Jaipur namely Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital (SDMH) , Narayana multispeciality Hospital (NH) and currently he is working as senior consultant GI Surgeon and director liver transplant at Eternal hospital (EHCC) .

  • To add his credentials, he has operated more than 5000 patients.

  • He is life member of association of surgeons of India (ASI) and Indian association of surgical gastroenterology (IASG).

  • He has been invited by advance laparoscopy training institute (IRCAD, Taiwan) for the training of advance laparoscopic surgery of upper GI Tract. He has been invited as faculty at various state level and national conference.

  • He is a well known Gastro surgeon in Jaipur. His expertises are in advance laparoscopic surgeries, GI cancer, bariatric surgery and surgery for Hernia and Gall bladder stones.

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What Patients Say

Gastro Treatments in Jaipur
  • Dr kapileshwer vijay provide better gastro treatment, I have taken his treatment. He is best gastrosurgeon in jaipur.

    Harendra Singh -
  • I am forever grateful for my surgical (bariatric) experience with Dr Kapileshwar Vijay......The best in bariatric field. I truly feel I got another chance in my life. I recommend this surgery for those who want to change their lifestyle to reflect a healthy and energetic way of life. I lost 25 kgs within 6 months. Thank you once again Doctor.

    pushpenderrvijaypall sandhu -
  • Dr kapilshwer is very good gastrosurgeon
    Nice and soft spoken doctor best gastrology surgeon

    Monit Bhati -
  • Dr. Kapileshwar Vijay is best gastrology surgeon in Jaipur. I m satisfy Dr. Vijay treatment.

  • He is very soft spoken
    Very friendly and explained about ailment in very simple language.

    Dhara Singh Meena -
  • Dr kapileshwar is very good gastrointestinal surgeon all surgery full recovery.

    Rajendra Saini -
  • best gastrosurgeon in jaipur.

    Rakesh Bhushan Gupta -
  • He is very good gestro surgeon.

    Rajendra prasad
  • Good doctor i am happy with the treatment provided by him.

    Kunal Gupta
  • Best doctor for gall stones treatment.

    Satishkumar Yadav
  • He is very soft spoken
    Very friendly and explained about ailment in very simple language.

    Gaurav Narula
  • Good treatment provided by Dr kapileshwer.

    Mukesh Bhushan Gupta
  • Nice and soft spoken doctor.

    Mahendar Saini
  • Very good doctor.

    Devki Nandan Saini
  • Treat patient with compassion.

    Hemant Mathur
  • Best doctor.

    Shyam Dutt
  • Best doctor.

    Ghanshyam Sharma
  • Good.

    Wow Songs
  • I am very happy about the services provided by the Dr. Kapileshwar Vijay.

    Kailash Jat -
  • I am very grateful to Dr. Kapileshwar Vijay for the excellent support extended by you all during my treatment for Esophagus Cancer.

    Kavita Jain -